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Introduction »NEW PRODUCTS» Comfilon Low Cut Briefs


Comfilon Low Cut Briefs



Availability: Available
Product no.: CLCB334
Manufacturer: ComfiLon
Size: M/L (28-38 inch or 71-97 cm waist)
Colours Available:
Usual Price 21.99 €
Our Price:
18.99 €

Show off your macho body and reveal all. Well, almost all. This little wisp of silky tricot or sheer fabric will give you less than decent exposure! The tricot will hide things a little but the sheer nylon will leave little to the imagination! Wear if you care and dare to bare! Comfortable seamless wide crotch for men with something to show. Mens lingerie as it should be! No fly.


Sizes, M/L (28-38 inch or 71-97 cm waist)