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Introduction »EROTIC » Organic Maca Root Delay 8ml Spray


Organic Maca Root Delay 8ml Spray

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Availability: Available
Product no.: OMMDS8
Manufacturer: Kailin
Net Content: 8ml
Usual Price 14.99 €
Our Price:
9.99 €

About this product:

  • Natural plant extraction materials, safe and non-toxic, healthy and environmental.
  • No anaphylaxis and no numbness, no harm to the body.
  • A lasting effect for 90 minutes, in mini spray, easy to be carried anywhere.
  • Safe to fly-product.
  • Use the product to spray the glans penis and coronary ditch place, 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.
  • 8ml - Glass bottle spray easy to have it with you.


  • This product has been tested in an authorised laboratory for harmful ingredients and allergies.
  • This product is made with Chinese traditional medicine formula, harmless and safe for the human body.
  • For oral sex, please wash 30 minutes after you apply this product.
  • This product cannot be used on skin with rash, abrased wound or allergic skin!


  • This product is not for an impotent patient.
  • Do NOT use this product in the prevention of venereal disease or sexual protection!
  • Avoid this product touching your eyes, and please store it properly far away from children.