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Availability: Not Available - Coming Soon
Product no.: NVC30
Our Price:
29.99 €

CONCH is a remote controlled prostate massager with a streamline of ergonomic design.
It comes equipped with a motor inside the shaft for insertion massage and another motor inside the handle against the perineum for extra pleasure.
It is designed as 1.2 inches of tip diameter so you can easily insert into the anus.
It’s made for hands-free P-spot massage, the remote control help you free your hands while playing solo and brings more fun while playing with your partner.

* Pure silicone and ABS
* 10 vibrating functions, 3 speeds.
* High-power dual motors for prostate and perineum massage                                          
* Remote control function
* USB charger
* Waterproof                                                  
* Phthalate free

Material:Pure Silicone and ABS                                                         
Battery: Rechargeable                                                      
Charging Time: 100 minutes                                    
User Time:Max 90 minutes                                               
Vibration: 30 modes
Remote Battery: 12V 27A
Remote Control Distance: Max 10m
Size / Tip Dia: 4*6.2 / 1.2 in