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Introduction »BODYWEAR» All Sheer Seamless Body


All Sheer Seamless Body

Unopened Trunk-Covered Fingers




Availability: Available
Product no.: ASSB58
Fabric: 71% nylon, 29% spandex
Size: One Size-80-120cm waist and 140-190cm height
Colours Available:
Our Price:
27.99 €

New Edition-Full Hands

Extremely elastic and air-permeable, smooth and refined, and seamlessly designed, giving you body-contact care without any sense of tightness and free and comfortable sense of carefree, making your skin breathe freely, and showing perfect body shape. Comfort band and close tubular especially designed for the male anatomy.

Amazing feeling wearing this body-hose.

Very elastic and durable because of the new technology ''360° Smart Seamless''

Fabric: 71% nylon, 29% spandex.

Colours: Beige(Skin Tone) and Black.

Size: One Size covers 80-120cm at waist and 140-190cm height.

Very elastic fabric.

If you want to open the tubular addition you can do it(cut it) without ''running''.

It's NOT made from ''silk stockings'' fabric.