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Introduction »PANTYHOSE» Collanto Leg Support 40 Men Tights


Collanto Leg Support 40 Men Tights



Availability: Available
Product no.: CLS40T
Manufacturer: Collanto
Fabric: 86%Polyamid, 14% Lycra
Size: M and L
Denier: 40
Colours Available:
Usual Price 14.99 €
Our Price:
7.99 €


Supporting pantyhose with 40den Lycra, reinforced toe and top.Without reinforced heel they have a  special front panel gusset, flat seemes, 7mm Hg pressure at ankles and an optical effect of 25den.


Medium for 1.70-1.80cm height and between 70-90Kg aprox.

Large for 1.75-1.90cm height and between 80-100Kg aprox.

Material:86%Polyamid, 14% Lycra