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Introduction »PANTYHOSE» All Sheer Unopened Seamless Body


All Sheer Unopened Seamless Body

Unopened - Smart Seamless



Availability: Available
Product no.: ASUSB59
Fabric: 71% nylon and 29% spandex
Size: One Size 80-120cm Waist and 140-190cm Height
Colours Available:
Our Price:
27.99 €

Extremely elastic and air-permeable, smooth and refined, seamlessly designed, giving you body-contact care without any sense of tightness. Showing perfect body shape comfortable and skin breathe freely.

Colours in stock: Beige and Black

Size: One Size covers 80-120cm waist and 140-190cm height.

Fabric: 71% nylon and 29% spandex.

This fabric it's NOT ''silk stockings'' made so it's very elastic and durable. UNOPENED. No openings.

Suitable for men and woman.