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Introduction »UNDERWEAR AND LOUNGE» Tight Body Suit


Tight Body Suit

Opaque fabric



Availability: Available
Product no.: FBS5033
Manufacturer: Tina Mikela
Size: One Size
Colours Available:
Usual Price 14.99 €
Our Price:
14.99 €
-Full body suit for all purposes.
-You can were it as an everyday item.
-Very comfortable.
-Durable fabric.
-Well manufactured.
-Suitable for yoga and all sport activities.

-Fits on your body shape and can be worn with pantyhose/tights also.

-Comes in one size 1,55-1,85m (approx 5 2" - 6 0") and waist of approx 85 - 110cm (33" - 42") and  with the elasticity of the fabric, fits tight on your body taking its shape.

-Available colours: Beige.